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Play Leader

Katarzyna Oxley has been appointed as our new school Play Leader. She will be planning and providing opportunitites for active and creative play during the lunchtime play.

School Buddies




Parental Evaluations of Extra Curricular Activities

We are always looking at ways to improve and enrich the extra curricular activities that we offer the children in our school and invite parents to offer comments and suggestions to help us do this.

Here are a selection ofparental evaluations:

'The extra curricular activities have been superb. They have given children something to look forward to. Particularly the more unusual ones such as Samba which gives them the opportunity to try something new!'

'The gymnastics club is absolutely fantastic! My daughter had no problems getting up in the morning - in fact she loved it so much she used to wake me up early!'

'I am always impressed with the range of clubs offered to the children at Aire View. My son has especially shown an interest in Art Club & Samba!'

'The cooking club is fantastic! It has really encouraged my child to try new foods that she 'doesnt like', only to find that she actually does like it!'.

'Lets get cooking has given my child the confidence to join an after school club! He cant wait to share his goodies at home!'. 

Summer Term 2 - Year 2 Leavers


Each year (for the past 17 years) as Head Teacher  I write a personal letter to all Year 2 children and ask for a reply.  Firstly I ask them to reflect on their experiences during their time at Aire View Infant School (their likes, special memories etc.). Secondly I ask them to give a Fairy Gift to the school which will make it an even better for the children they leave behind and for children who will follow in the years to come.

The letters (which I have kept) are treasured and I discuss the children's ideas for Fairy Gifts with staff and Governors early in the Autumn Term.  Some wishes really do come true!  Over the years we have acted on their suggestions e.g. a garden to grow things in, playground markings, apparatus to climb on, more books for our Library to name but a few!

This year I thought it would be nice to share some of the current Year 2 children's ideas and publish them on our website.


  •  P.E. Maths Science Art Singing (in fact most subjects!)
  • Trips - Nell Bank, Thornton Hall Farm
  •   Special days when Dads and Mums could come to school
  •  Fun things to raise money e.g. Giant Walking Bus, Penalty Shoot Out
  •  Sports Days
  • Visitors to school e.g. Theatre company (Rainbow Fish production), Travelling by Tuba, Florence Nightingale
  • Lovely playtimes
  • School dinners - lovely puddings!
  • Playing in the garden
  • After school clubs e.g. dance, samba, choir, football, art and craft
  •  When the motorbike and racing car came to school
  • Going to the park
  • Healthy snacks
  • Learning a lot!
  • Making lots of friends
  • The grown- ups including our helpers

Just to end with few quotes:

"My two best friends have made coming to school special for me".

"Aire View is the place where I have made lots of friends".

"Everyone at Aire View has made it special for me".

"I will miss my teacher because she is magic!".

"I will miss my Head Teacher as she is always so kind and helpful".

"I will miss my teacher because she gives us diamonds when we are good".

"I will miss everything!".

"I will miss you but maybe see you from time to time when my brother comes to Aire View Nursery in September".

"You made it special for me".  Thank you to Max for his message in the letter . Max is a new recruit due to start Nursery in September .


A trampoline

 A shelter or two for the playground

A pond

A slide in the playground

A playing field

A football pitch

 A field for the boys and girls to play football

A little bit more tarmac so the little children don't hurt themselves (we have some soft surface under the apparatus - I think they would like more!)

More apparatus at the top of the hill

I like our school just the way it is

I can't think of anything that would make it nicer

I love being at Aire View and do not know what could make it better

As stated earlier I have cherished the letters from children over the years.  Their views are important to us, as are their memories of our school.  I know I can say with confidence that Aire View Infant School gives children the very best start to their education.  Children thrive under our care and guidance and will move on to the next phase of their education with confidence.   I know  they will leave with fond memories of Aire View Infant School. They will remember the friends they have made, the people who have made school so special for them and the wonderful experiences they have had.

Thank you Year 2 children for all your wonderful letters.  I wish you every success and happiness as you move forward on to the next phase of your education.

Vicky Bottomley