Aire View Infant School

Elliott Street, Silsden, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD20 0AW

01535 653290

Walking Bus            



At AireViewInfant School we operate a walking bus. This is co-ordinated and run by Mrs Cath Smith.  We would like to invite any of our children (excluding Nursery) to join us.  Currently there is one walking bus route in operation.

 Route - (Dradishaw) - Crossmoor Close (8.30 am) – Cornwall Avenue – Kent Avenue

– Dradishaw Road – Skipton Road– Hothfield Street – School (8.50 am)


A “bus” comprises a minimum of two volunteers who act as “driver” and “conductor” to escort a line of children on their journey to school.  The bus travels along a set route collecting pupils at “bus stops” along the way.


The scheme promotes healthy exercise, can be effective in reducing lateness, ensures children arrive at school accompanied and safely and reduces the traffic congestion around school in the mornings. 


Adult volunteers are always welcome and appropriate training will be given.


If your child would like to join the Walking Bus please contact school.