Aire View Infant School

Elliott Street, Silsden, Keighley, West Yorkshire BD20 0AW

01535 653290

Vision and Aims

Young Minds, Free Spirit, Great Future

Our Vision

'Aire View Infant School is a welcoming, friendly and caring school where everyone can be confident learners and achieve their best.'

Aims written by the Children of Aire View Infant School

We would like our school to be an interesting, bright and safe place where we can learn inside and outside the classroom.

We want everyone to be fair, kind and polite to make our school a happy place to be.

We would like everyone to face challenges positively, keep on trying even when things seem tricky and always do their best!

We want to enjoy learning new things and know the teachers will always be there to help us when we get stuck.


Aims in support of the Children's Wishes 

  • To develop the full potential of each child through access to all aspects of the curriculum, and by promoting self-esteem and self-confidence.
  • To provide a broad balanced and differentiated curriculum which encompasses all National Curriculum statutory requirements.
  • To offer a range of learning experiences to each individual child, where possible by first-hand experience, within a warm, caring and stimulating environment.
  • To encourage children to use their initiative, consider other people’s points of view, and develop lively and enquiring minds.
  • To promote an atmosphere of trust and empathy and to develop attitudes of mutual respect and responsibility.
  • To encourage an understanding of the Christian faith and show tolerance and concern for other peoples’ beliefs and cultures.
  • To welcome and encourage parents to take part in all aspects of school life and take an active part in their own child’s education.
  • To establish an environment where adults and children work together as integral parts of the school and wider community and that all feel happy and fulfilled during their time at Aire View Infant School.

Here at Aire View Infant School we believe children learn best when they are engaged, motivated, challenged and given the opportunity to have a go! We encourage the children to face challenges positively, keep on trying even when things seem tricky and always do their best! But most of all we want our children to have fun!
The video clip below demonstrates the Characteristics of Effective Learning in our school.