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Gardening - Week 4 Friday 23rd May 2014

This week the children endured the bad weather and went outside to do some weeding. The dug over some of the flower beds and relocated some bulbs.

With a little help they identified the weeds from the seedlings and one of the children even found a worm!


Gardening - Week 3 Friday 16th May 2014

This week the children had a fabulous time helping to paint and protect the garden furniture and flowerbeds. They were asked to wear some old clothes for this task and I am sure you will agree that some children got a little messier than others!!! They did  BRILLIANT job and it all looks like new again.  

Gardening - Week 2 Friday 9th May 2014

This week the children helped to do some weeding around the garden.

They planted broad beans and peas into the vegetable beds that they helped  prepare last week. They planted out some tomato plants (grown from seed by last half terms gardeners) and watered them all.

They worked really well together and did a marvellous job. 

Summer Term- Gardening - Week 1 Friday 2nd May 2014

The children started their gardening course today. They dug over the soil in preparation for planting rows of potatoes, courgettes and cucumbers. They also weeded some of the flower beds in the school grounds. They worked really well together and made a great start with their gardening!

Gardening - Week 6 Friday 11th April 2014

This was the final day of the course and the children worked really hard transferring a new delivery of soil to a large raised bed. They co-operated extremely well and took it in turns to fill the wheel barrows with the soil!

They knew exactly what to do and were able to negotiate obstacles while pushing and emptying the wheel barrows independently!

It was a hot day and the children had lots of opportunities to have a drink and a well deserved rest.

Finally the children helped to dig over the soil and planted some potatoes and beans. 

Gardening - Week 5 Friday 4th April 2014

This week the children helped to dig up and relocate a small buddleia plant. They dug over one of the flower beds and scattered  wildflower seeds ready for summer. They were also extremely excited to find a new garden potting frame. They filled it with soil and planted some more seeds. After all their hard work they went inside for a snack.

Next Friday is the final day of the course!  The children will share what they have been doing with the rest of the Reception children during our 'Graduation Assembly'. 

They will all be awarded with their Degree Certificate by the Head of Aire View University Mrs Bottomley! 


Gardening - Week 4 Friday 28th  March 2014

The children worked really hard this week on two of the school flower and vegetable beds. They started by digging over the soil in preparation for planting out some of the seedlings they have previously potted up.

Then the children went back indoors and made their own seed packets which they took home to grow.

I am sure that the children will be able to tell their family members how to plant the seeds and what they need to do to ensure they grow into healthy plants.

Here is a useful BBC website for you to look at with your child  for further tips on how to grow things. Click here

 The children were very honoured this week as they were visited by the Dean of Aire View University Mrs Chris Newson.  She arrived to verify the quality of the student standards and confirmed that they were met with flying colours. She was extremely impressed by the range of courses the students were involved in and the calibre of the students.


Gardening - Week 3 Friday 21st  March 2014

Today the children planted out a variety of plants for the summer. They planted them all around the school in the various planters. They also planted some vegetables such as beans and tomatoes and put them under a cloche to protect them from the cold.

They then went inside to make labels for the vegetables and next week we will see if they have started to grow.

Gardening - Week 1 Friday 7th March 2014

First the children talked about gardening hygiene and the importance of keeping hands away from their mouths.

Then they worked really hard digging over a flower bed and planting some lovely heather.

They scattered a variety of seeds- on the newly dug soil. 'Scatter and grow'.

Next they planted some Nasturtium Seeds into pots .

Finally the dug over the vegetable plot in preparation for next week -