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Cooking Week 4 Friday 23rd May 2014.

This week the children were learning how to make mini quiches. They worked in small groups. They had to weigh and measure the ingredients and crack the eggs into the mixing bowl. The children are becoming experts at sieving, sifting, stirring and rolling out pastry. 

They tasted the fillings to make sure they liked them before making a decision about their own quiches! They had a choice of cheese, sweetcorn and mixed herbs. When the first batch were cooked they all got to try one of the tasty quiches. They also had to help clean up after themselves at the end!  

Cooking Week 3 Friday 16th May 2014.

This week the children learned how to make buns. They followed a recipe and poured, weighed and measured out all the ingredients. They worked in small groups and took it in turns to stir and mix all the ingredients together. They learned how to put the mixture into the bun cases using a spoon! When the buns were cooked and had cooled down they iced and decorated them. They made their own bun decorated design while the buns were in the oven. They all worked exceptionally well together and waited patiently for their turn, well done.


Cooking Week 2 Friday 9th May 2014.

This week the children learned how to make pizzas. They started by washing their hands and went over the rules about food hygiene. They worked in small groups and made the pizza bases, weighing, measuring and mixing all the ingredients. They rolled out the pizza bases and prepared all the vegetables for the toppings. While the pizzas were cooking they ate a pizza made by Mrs Rowling and helped to tidy away all the equipment.

They had a brilliant time and they took home their pizza to share with the family.

Summer Term - Cooking Week 1 Friday 2nd May 2014.

Today the children started their cooking course by making scones. They worked in small groups of three and cooperated really well. They measured, weighed and mixed all the ingredients. They rolled the dough and cut out the scones. While they were waiting for the scones to cook they decorated and labelled their own bag to put the scones in. They also helped to wash up and tidy away all the equipment.   What a fantastic job they all did and I am sure they tasted delicious.

Cooking - Week 6 Friday 11th March 2014.

This was the final day of the course and the children were really lucky because they went to Café Cake in Silsden for a tasty treat. While the children waited to be served they took a little time to relax and look through the newspapers. They all got to choose either a piece of cake, scone or bun and  a drink.  They had a fantastic time and what a great way to end their course!

Cooking - Week 5 Friday 4th March 2014.

This week the children were making delicious fruit kebabs. The fruit consisted of green and black grapes, kiwis, pineapples, blueberries, mangoes,  bananas and strawberries! They washed and prepared the fruit. They cut the fruit into small pieces and pushed them on to the skewers.

Finally they got to eat their fruit kebabs and really enjoyed them! Once again they helped to clean up after they had finished.


Next Friday is the final day of the course!  The children will share what they have been doing with the rest of the Reception children during our 'Graduation Assembly'. 

They will all be awarded with their Degree Certificate by the Head of Aire View University Mrs Bottomley! 




Cooking - Week 4 Friday 28th March 2014.

 This week the children made some delicious mini quiches. They started by washing their hands and recapping the importance of food hygiene. They looked at all the ingredients and talked about the recipe. The children started by making the pastry they measured the flour and put it through a sieve. Then they added margarine and rubbed the two together. Finally they added water and made it into a dough.  They rolled the pastry and cut out four circles each. They decided what they wanted to go into their quiches such as mushrooms, cheese, peppers and tomatoes.  

Next was the tricky part they had to crack eggs into the milk but they did it easily! They poured the ingredients into the quiche cases.  Then into the oven they went.

While the children waited for them to cook they helped to clean up. They got an opportunity to make a dough man with the leftover dough.

The children were very honoured this week as they were visited by the Dean of Aire View University Mrs Chris Newson.  She arrived to verify the quality of the student standards and confirmed that they were met with flying colours. She was extremely impressed by the range of courses the students were involved in and the calibre of the students.



Watch the children learning to crack an egg... 

Cooking - Week 3 Friday 21st March 2014.

This week the children made some amazing buns. 

They helped each other to tie their aprons. They weigh, measures, stirred and mixed all the ingredients.

They learnt new skills such as scraping the bun mixture into the bun cases which was a tricky thing to do! They even got to lick the 'bowl' once they had finished, just like we used  to do when we were young!!

They helped to make the icing and decorated the buns with lots of sweet treats!!

There were even some buns left at the end and they each took one home to share with their family.

Cooking - Week 2 Friday 14th March 2014.

This week the children learnt how to make a pizza.

They washed their hands and recapped the importance of food hygiene.

They rolled the dough and washed and prepared the toppings such as tomatoes, peppers and sweetcorn.

They really enjoyed making pizzas and once again they took the recipe and pizza home to share with their family.  




Cooking - Week 1 Friday 7th March 2014.

The children made some delicious scones today.

First they washed their hands and discussed the importance of food hygiene.

Then they followed a simple recipe and worked together to measure all the ingredients.

Next they mixed, stirred and rolled out the dough and an adult put them in the oven to cook!

While the waited for the scones to cook the children designed their own food bag.

Finally they got to taste them and they took home the recipe and the remaining scones so they can make some more at home.