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Architects- Week 4- Friday 23rd May 2014

This week the children had to make their buildings inside the classroom because it was very windy and continued to rain outside for most of the afternoon! They had a variety of resources to choose from such as crates, upturned tables, blankets, string, scarves, sellotape and pegs.

The children worked in small groups of 2,3 or 4's. They continued to work cooperatively and together they made a building. One small group made  a spiders web, using plenty of string! When their work was complete they had snack inside their buildings!


Architects- Week 3- Friday 16th May 2014

Architects- Week 2- Friday 9th May 2014

This week the children made dens inside the classroom using tables, chairs, string, blankets and cardboard boxes.

They worked co-operatively fixing the blankets in place with large pegs. They decorated and re-shaped the boxes to their own specifications!

They had a fantastic time and they even had time to have snack in the dens. 

Architects- Week 1- Friday 2nd May 2014

Today the children started their architect course. They used a variety of objects such as crates, poles, blankets, pegs, string and tyres to construct a building. They worked really well together and I am sure you will agree that they did really well.

Architects- Week 6- Friday 11th April 2014

This was the final day of the course and the children made dens using rolled-up paper and tubes. This was a tricky task but the children showed great determination and persistence and managed to make a structure collaboratively! Well done!

Architects- Week 5- Friday 4th April 2014

This week the children made dens using garden canes and blankets. They worked together and attached the blankets using large pegs.

The children were extremely excited and thoroughly enjoyed playing inside them.

Next Friday is the final day of the course!  The children will share what they have been doing with the rest of the Reception children during our 'Graduation Assembly'.  They will all be awarded with their Degree Certificate by the Head of Aire View University - Mrs Bottomley! 


Architects- Week 4- Friday 28th March 2014

This week the young architects worked collaboratively to construct a building which included different rooms such as a kitchen, bedroom, living room and a garage.

I am sure you will agree that they have achieved a superb building.

The children were very honoured this week as they were visited by the Dean of Aire View University Mrs Chris Newson.  She arrived to verify the quality of the student standards and confirmed that they were met with flying colours. She was extremely impressed by the range of courses the students were involved in and the calibre of the students.




Architects- Week 2- Friday 14th March 2014

This week the children made their dens from cardboard boxes. They used a variety of resources such as small and large cardboard boxes, blankets, duck tape, chalk to decorate the outside with pictures and patterns. They worked on individual builds and joint projects. They were very proud of their work!






Den Making - Week 1- Friday 7th March 2014


The children worked together to make three fantastic dens.

They used netting, blankets, material, poles, tape, crates, twigs, branches and leaves.

It was very windy and our den kept falling over.

We even used heavy reels and large pegs…but that didn’t work either.

In the end one of the groups made another den  on the steps and that was fab!

I wonder what the children will make next week using boxes?