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Summer Term Week 4 - Sewing

This week the children finished off their Brooches. They them moved on to make some bunting for 'Le Tour De France'. These were yellow shirts.


Summer Term Week 3 - Sewing

This week the children made a brooch. They started with 2 pieces of felt cut into aniaml shapes. They then pinned and sewed them together using small stitches. After this they pushed some stuffing into the hole at the bottom. Finally they sewed a safety pin onto the back of the brooch. 

Summer Term week 2 - Sewing

The children began by finishing off Binca bookmarks and mats. They then moved onto felt purses and ipod covers. The children selected their colour of felt, and embroidery thread. They then designed the front of their purse with a pattern. The children moved onto using smaller sharper needles and practised threading and tieing knots.

Summer Term week 1 - Sewing


The children started their course by practising tieing knots and threading needles. The children were introduced to sewing by using Binca. They used chunky needles with large eyes making it ideal for small fingers.


Sewing Week 6

The children continued to complete their sewing activities. They discussed what things they had enjoyed and what they had learnt.

The children attended a graduation ceremony this week. Please see  the KS1 Blog for more details.


Sewing Week 5

This week the children put the finishing touches on everything they had started. Some children even made a pom-pom. Their fine motor skills have really developed. Can you notice the fine stictching on their products?

Sewing Week 4

This week the children used patterns to make puppets. They pinned them together and cut them out. They also practised threading needles and tieing knots.



Sewing Week 3

This week the children finished making bookmarks and an egg cosy. They then started designing and selecting felt to make a purse or ipod cover.

Sewing Week 1