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Summer Term Week 4 - First Aid

This week the children went onto the British Red Cross web site to watch the 'How to Videos'. They found out how to deal with a person choking, a person who has burned their hand and a person who has broken a bone. They made posters afterwards. 

Summer Term Week 3 - First Aid

Today we shared Kallum's story about when he split his head open and went to hospital. We were visited by the school nurse and we were told about the recovery position and then practised on each other. We then listened to each others heart rate using a stethascope. We talked about CPR and what to do if we found someone whose heart had stopped. Finally we checked Mrs Oswald's blood pressure, it was fine!

Summer Term week 2 - First Aid

Asthma was the focus today. Signs and symptoms. The children learnt how to treat somebody having an asthmatic attacke. They looked at a range of inhalers - preventors and relievers. The children looked at a video clip and role played scenarios of a person having an attack and a first aider dealing with it and ringing 999.

Summer Term week 1 - First Aid

An introduction to the course was given and an explanation about First Aid. This means 'First Help' in the event of an accident or emergemcy. The children discussed when to call 999 and what they already knew about first aid.


First Aid week 6

This week the children recapped on all their learning. They then designed some first aid posters and completed a quiz. Some of the children encountered a real life first aid scenario and helped to treat the patient.

The children attended a graduation ceremony this week. Please see  the KS1 Blog for more details.

First Aid week 5

The Physiotherapist Katherine McNabb visited school today to talk to the children about her job. She showed models of bones including the spine, hands and knee. She talke about her job and what it involves. She showed the children the correct posture and talked about the importance of exercise.


First Aid Week 4

Today a paramedic visited. She brought a defibrilator which had a built in heart monitor. Each child had a turn using the heart monitor and received a heart trace read out.


First Aid Week 3

This week the children reminded themselves about the recovery position. They then discussed what they needed to do if one of them had a nosebleed. The children then acted out given first aid emergency scenarios and decided what the best course of action would be.



First Aid Week 2

The school Nurse visited and talked about her job. The children practised putting each other in the recovery position.

First Aid Week 1

Children discussed what they knew about first aid. They then looked at first aid equipment.