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Summer Term Week 4 - Fashion & Beauty

The Fashion designers designed and made their own friendship bracelets. It was very tricky but great for the children's fine motor skills. They put them in their hair and on their wrists. They plaited them and weaved the different coloured strands together.


Summer Term Week 3 - Fashion & Beauty

The fashion designers were set the task of customising their bags this week. They looked at some current trends such as tassles, bows, flowers and sport designs to give them some inspiration and ideas. The end products look fantastic. You never know they might be sold to the high street shops!!

Summer Term week 2 - Fashion and Beauty

This week the fashion designers designed their very own bags for the fashion show. they used newspaper to make different bags. Some made man bags, clutch bags and ruck sacks. they look great!


Summer Term week 1 - Fashion and Beauty

The children introduced themselves with a 'fashion circle time' and said which was their favourite place to shop for clothes. They then created their own fashion mood boards using catalogues and magazines. The children then presented their ideas to the rest of the designers. 


Week 6 Fashion and Beauty

The fashion designers opened their very own beauty salon and designed and painted nails. They drew around their hands and then designed a nail pattern ready for painting. The fashion designers became beauticians and customers. 

The children attended a graduation ceremony this week. Please see  the KS1 Blog for more details.



Week 5 Fashion and Beauty

The children designed and made wedding dressess ready for the catwalk next week. They also made bouquets and head dresses. What do you think to their creations? 


Week 4 Fashion and Beauty

The fashion designers visited Ava Rose Hamilton wedding boutique in Silsden this week. The children sampled the dresses and Mrs Creed tried one on. The seemstress gave the children some samples to bring back to school.


Week 3 Fashion and Beauty

The fashion designers were set the task of designing and creating their own fashion tag labels for their fashion line. Then they made their own handbags out of newspaper ready for the catwalk show!

Week 2 Fashion and Beauty

The children designed their own wedding dress in preparation for a visit to the local wedding boutique on the 28th March

Week 1 Fashion and Beauty

The children started their own fashion portfolio and created a fashion mood board using outfits from catalogues.