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Summer Term Week 4 - Drill

The children carried out an army rank quiz this week. They then practised marching as a squad to music. Finally they drew a picture of themselves in the army. 


Summer Term week 3 - Drill

This week the children looked at a world map and found all the countries you can get posted to including; Cyprus, Northern Ireland, USA and Germany. They then went outside and practsed marching together in three ranks as a squad. this week harry Martlew-Smith stood out as a good marcher.

Summer Term week 2 - Drill

The children carried out radio work. They learnt the phonetic alphabet used by all uniformed services. The children transmitted a message spelling their name whilst another group revceived the message. James Isherwood was promoted to LCPL.

Summer Term week 1 - Drill

The children learnt about the various Army jobs this week. They learnt how to stand to attention and stand at ease. They also practised marching as a squad. 


Drill week 6

This week the children practised drill and then drew pictures of themselves in the army. They then discussed what they had learnt over the six week course.

The children attended a graduation ceremony this week. Please see  the KS1 Blog for more details.


Drill Week 5

This week the children discussed the kind of clothes that need to be worn in the Army. They practised marching together. This requires skill and concentration. Finally the children looked at some Army photos. I think they even got to see Mr and Mrs Keith when they were in the Army. I will try to get a sneak shot of them and post one on here!

Drill Week 4

This week the children looked at the world map and discussed where the army might send you (deploy). They then practised marching together.


Drill Week 3

The children used 'walky talkie' radios to communicate to each other. They used a code to send a simple message to one another. They then discussed army rations and had some hot chocolate - the best ration!!


Drill week 2

This week in drill children practised individual marching. They talked about what made a good soldier and carried out a Basic fitness test.

Drill week 1

The children learnt how to stand at ease and to attention. Then they talked about the various jobs they could do in the army. They finished with army PE.