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Summer Term Week 4

This week the children revisited the four hat topics from last week. They used soundscapes to create the Gruffalo story. They then made their own props and scenery to use in their recreation of the story. 


Summer Term Week 3

This week the children learnt about soundscape, thought tracking, freeze frame and hot seating. The children developed their imaginations by using the above techniques.  

Summer Term Week 2

The children revisited last weeks emotions and built on this further through body language and miming emotions such as happy, sad and angry. The children then used fairytales to express their emotions thinking about the characters feelings.


Summer Term week 1

The children played 'getting to know you' games. The children worked in groups and dicussed the emotions of exprerssive puppets. The aim was for children to feel comfortable in the group, develop confidence, team building and understand emotions that the children may see or feel.

Week 6 Drama

The children revisited all the themes covered so far and completed games and activities around soundscape, hotseating and freeze frame. They then used expression to act out the story 'we're going on a bear hunt' with the use of movement and actions.

The children attended a graduation ceremony this week. Please see  the KS1 Blog for more details.

IMG 0156 from Mr Whitehead on Vimeo.


Week 5 Drama

The children used music to explore situations. They were given 11 different sounds to listen to and explain how the music / sound effects amde them feel. The children then had to create their own stories using props as a guide. 

Week 4 Drama

The children revisited the soundscape building different environments with their bodies. They then practised miming actions, again revisiting the importance of expression. the children finished this by acting out nursery rhymes and stories with props.

Week 3 Drama

This week the children learnt about expressions and then focussed on acted out scenes from nursery ryhme and fairy tale stories. The children are growing in confidence each week.

Week 2 Drama

The children used drama techniques to understand and interpret body language.

Week 1 Drama

The children worked as a group and in teams to build their confidence. They used puppets to understand their feelings.