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Summer Term Week 4 - Business School

The children were very excited to talk about the 'Mark's Magic kingdom' event. The children that had attended the event told the others all about it. They then thought of words to describe the event and how they had planned it. They then each wrote a brief article to go in the Keighley News. After a snack, the children thought of questions to go on a questionnaire for the children who went to the show. 



Summer Term Week 3 - Business School

The children followed the agenda for week3. They re-capped on what advertising they had already done - letters, text, posters. They then discussed 'profit and loss' and decided they needed to make a profit. They then worked out the profit for each ticket using coins to help them. They then went on to calculate the profit for selling drinks and snacks on the night to raise more funds for school. They then went onto make a TV advert  and dressed as magicians. See below. After a well deserved snack, they made price lists for the snacks. 

IMG 0356 from Mr Whitehead on Vimeo.

Summer Term Week 2 - Business School

This week the children talked about an agenda and rules of the meeting. They talked about good listening and only one person speaking at a time. They reviewed the tickets designed last week and what their purpose was.Two children rang the musician and asked what tricks he did, when he could come and how much he cost. Another group wrote a text to parents and wrote a letter to go home. Posters were designed to adverstise the event. They finally decided a price for the event once they knew how much the magician cost.


Summer Term week 1 - Business School

The children carried out some 'geting to know you' ice breaker activities. They then worked together and discussed what business school is and how a business works! The children were then asked to plan to put on a magic show at the end of the half term. What things would they need to consider to put on this special event? They then designed tickets for the special event.